Why Choose Us?

The aim of our team is share our pleasure with others by allowing them to discover new sensations. When we dream up a pastry, we know precisely what the taste scenario will be, which flavor will come first, making way for another.

The success of all of the creations we offer to our clients is due to the quality of products we use, the structure brought by our knowledge of French pâtisserie, the composition based on inspiration from worldwide recipes, the imagination by our love and respect to nature.

About Us

Team Café Millème

Adina, Daniel, Valexia

The idea was to bring together all the continents and different countries. When you enter Café Millème the first thing you see is a handmade wooden wall with 7 niches which represent each continent of the world, and a map of the world painted by Valexia. This map has a lot of points with the names of cities all over the world. These cities are the names of the cakes we create. We use cashew nuts from Brazil, vanilla from Madagascar, chocolate from Mexico, matcha tea, yuzu lemons and sakura flowers from Japan, pandan from Thailand, guava from Cuba. 

On this planisphere, Prague is the center. People living here want to discover new tastes and flavors but they also have a tendency to compare a new taste with something they know already. The old recipes from the First Republic are very similar to classic French recipes.

We renew the old traditional recipes like honey cake and tiramisu. We call them Moscow and Venice. We create a Prague dessert using “tvaroh” cottage cheese, blueberries, walnuts and cocoa powder. We use chocolate from the origins of Mexica, Tanzania, Equator, Madagascar.

You can also try a Parisian mille- feuille, eclairs not only in classic flavors, matcha and chocolate fondants, seasonal fruit tarts.

We make cakes using no sugar for diabetics, gluten free, vegan and even raw cakes. The high quality products we use show how much we care about what people eat, and about their health. In our showcase, all the pastries have less than 20% free sugars, to follow the healthy recommendation from the World Health Organisation about sugar intake.

We care about nature as well, for example, we never used palm oil, which is easy, because we don't need a transformed product. All the nappage, fondant and pâte de fruits are made in our laboratory with natural ingredients.

"Discover the taste of world flavours"

The most important thing in the production at Café Millème is the highest quality of the ingredients from all over the world that we use, because our aim is to give a chance to ''discover the taste'' and to give the sensation of new flavours. Even when you taste something you know but in a different combination with other flavours it also can be a discover. 

Executive Pastry Chef at Café Millème

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